Sell your car

Not only does JTW Autoparts have an extensive inventory of car parts, but we also have a reputation built on a history of helping clients sell old cars. It is always highly recommended that you rely on the services of experts with real experience when deciding to buy or sell car parts.

The choice to sell your car can be daunting and why not? There are many factors and aspects to consider to ensure that you get the return on your investment you deserve. Contact us today if you want to sell or salvage vehicles with a team of professionals who are dedicated to getting you value for money.

Your Licensed Motor Dealer

JTW Autoparts is a licensed Motor Dealer (DL: 25201).

If you have accident-damaged cars or have a car that has just reached the end of its useful life, JTW Autoparts will give you a competitive price that makes the sale worth your while. In addition to ensuring you fetch a top price for your car, we’ll arrange pick-up in the Perth metro or WA country.

How to Get the Best Price When You Sell Your Car

To get the top offer for your vehicle, please do your best to share as many of the details as you can with us. You can write the details below and attach as many photos as possible to ensure we have all the information we need to assist you.

The attached photos should show the manufacturers build plate, the general condition of the doors and panels, the interior condition, the engine bay, and the odometer reading.

You must verify that you are not a robot.