Zoom-Zoom: Is your Mazda Ready for Some Action?

19 March 2015

Car enthusiasts associate the brand Mazda with speed and agility. With its reputation in the world of motorsports, the brand became the preferred choice for action and adventure. Combined with Australia’s diverse landscape and beautiful locations, Mazda owners are in for a great road trip experience.

Before you hit the road, make sure your car is in tip-top shape. Here are reminders on how to make the most out of your Australian adventure:


As the source of every automobile’s life, make sure your engine works properly before you set off. Typical tune-ups happen every two years or when your car reaches a certain mileage. Since you will be going on another long drive, get your car checked. See if the fluid and oils are the right level. For better engine performance, use manufacturer-specified fluids like Genuine Mazda Engine Oils.

Inspect other engine parts as well. Check if the piston rings are not worn and the cylinder does not have holes, or the engine may not have enough air and fuel compression. Weak spark plugs will not be able to fire the fuel. See if you need to replace parts or if you have to go to a service centre before you go on your trip.


Your tyres bear a lot of pressure during your travel, so make sure they are in good condition as well. See if both the rubber and rims are in good shape. Check the tyre pressure. Tyres typically need replacing every six years, but if your tyres have less than 1.5 mm deep tread patterns, you may need to change them immediately. Examine inconsistencies on all wheels to avoid any road mishap. Include your spare in the inspection.


An unchecked brake system compromises safety. Keep an eye on your brake fluid level and brake pads. You may need to examine your brake pedal as well. Be wary of inconsistencies when driving such as vibrations, pull, and strange sounds as this may signal a problem with the brakes.

Inspect your car regularly and especially before long trips. These are only a few reminders on what you should check for a better performing car. Always note parts that are in need of replacement. For authentic but affordable Mazda parts, you may contact JTW Auto Parts.

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