“You Make Me Feel Brand New” – Your Car

07 January 2016

Buying a new car is tempting when your old one appears to be giving up on you. Buying new, though, is not THE best option. Rather than spend more on a new ride, make your car feel brand new with quality but cost-effective replacement parts.

Minding the Wheels

A new set of wheels makes a big difference in your car’s performance. With worn-out tires, not only do you compromise the speed, but you are also at risk of vehicular accidents. Apart from improving the way your car runs, new wheels can transform the car’s outward appearance. Whether you choose matte or shiny new wheels, both are great options for your car. Just remember to install them properly before taking your vehicle out for a ride.

New Exhaust and Intake

In the world of cars, more power always equates to more fun. Over time, your car will eventually lose its horsepower. The best way to get it back on track is through improvements. By getting a new pair of exhaust and intakes, you give your old car new speed. Professional car wreckers believe that recycled auto parts are enough to give you the power you need. A cat-back exhaust gives your car the extra edge, but if you prefer cost-effective power, choose a cold-air intake.

Better Suspension

One of the most important aspects of how a car handles is the suspension. Experience the difference when you get an aftermarket suspension, or one from another vehicle compatible with yours. With a lower or tighter suspension, your car will feel faster and more maneuverable, giving you that new car rush.

These may seem like tiny adjustments, but they offer bigger changes for your car. Here at JTW Autoparts, our range of recycled parts might be just what you need. Browse through our selection now and enjoy your new old car.

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