Why Buying Recycled Auto Parts is Ideal

22 December 2014

Did you know that at least 85% of the parts of any vehicle model and brand could be recycled? From engines to transmissions, dismantling and reusing auto parts are becoming a popular way to save the planet. In Australia, instead of dumping end-of-life vehicles (ELVs) in landfills, auto-related businesses find ways to make good use of them.

Here are some reasons you should buy recycled auto parts:

Reuses Natural Resources

Automobiles are some of the most recycled consumer products in the world. The steel that you can get from its parts and scrapped materials can weigh up to 14 million tonnes, which is equivalent to at least 13 million automobiles. By recycling a tonne of steel alone, you can help save 1134 kilos of iron ore, 635 kilos of coal and 55 kilos of limestone.

Protects from Greenhouse Gases

Coal-burning plants are among the leading contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. Recycling steel prevents the need to make new steel. Manufacturers don’t have to waste energy and use more natural resources for the production of automobiles and their parts. Recycling uses 74% less energy because it’s easier to melt down and remould old steel than to mine and transport iron ore. Recycling saves at least 85 million oil barrels, as well.

Saves a Big Amount of Money

Saving the environment isn’t the only good thing about buying recycled auto parts. Prices are usually half the cost of brand new auto parts. If you’re planning to revamp or simply maintain your vehicle, why not buy recycled parts to save more? This can give you big savings, which you can spend on other things you need.

At JTW Autoparts, we dismantle vehicles from world-trusted brands. Whether you own a Toyota or a Volkswagen, our range of recycled auto parts can help both you and the environment. Contact us to find what you’re looking for.

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