What is Between Your Honda and 300,000 Miles?

11 January 2016

When it comes to quality, Toyota and Honda are battling it out for the number-one spot. Nonetheless, if you know recent history, Honda has been edging its industry rival. Even if you do not know much about cars, a quick look at both companies’ products will give you an idea who is winning. Not in sales, though, as Toyota outpaces everyone from the region. Instead, they are ahead in quality and design.

Minding What is Important

Now, you may have not paid attention to whatever Honda is doing, as you are doing fine in your last-last-last-gen Accord. At JTW Auto Parts, as long as you are doing what is necessary to keep your car in running condition, you will be fine. Furthermore, we are sure that you will be able to compare your years-old car with its newer models toe to toe.

But, you cannot deny that old parts will eventually crap out. As excellent as Honda’s cars are, not everything can last a lifetime without replacement. In addition, to make it last as long as it should, you may have to replace some components to retain performance.

The Magical Number

Your car, being Japanese, has the pedigree and engineering to reach the magical number of 300,000 miles. You will not be the first one, but making the car to last long is an endeavour that is worth the effort. To reach that number is your car saying that it has repaid you three times its value.

As an auto-wrecker, we get our hands on authentic Honda parts all the time. With us, your 1994 Civic or your 2005 Accord can serve you longer with replacement parts. Contact us today for more information.

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