What Can a Dual Clutch Really Do

04 November 2014

For most people there are two main types of transmissions; the first is the manual transmission that, most commonly known as the stick shift, and the automatic transmission. The stick shift works by changing gears with the stick apparatus while the driver’s foot presses down on the clutch pedal. The latter system works by using a torque converter and a set of planetary gears to change gears when the vehicle reaches and sustains a certain speed.

There is a third transmission type, though, and it’s a combination of the manual and automatic types. But, how can that happen? The automatic type is a system that minimises human input in changing gears. How can such a system fuse together with another that type that isn’t just different, but the exact opposite of its own?

Two Boxes are Better Than One

The system is known as the dual clutch, it’s also known as the clutchless manual transmission, and the automatic manual transmission. It may sound strange, but double clutch technology isn’t anything new in the world of race car driving.

The dual clutch transmission works by employing what’s essentially two manual gearboxes in one. To better understand this, people need to know the weakness of a normal manual gearbox – shift shock. When a driver pushes the clutch pedal, it disengages the gear from the rest of the system, interrupting the flow of power until the driver adjusts the gear to the preferred speed and releases the pedal.

Shift Shock

There isn’t a continuous flow of power in the manual transmission, making it a liability in a racing situation, and an intimidating challenge for new drivers. The dual clutch works a lot like the standard automatic transmission system but divides the responsibilities between two gear systems. The first system is in charge of the first, third, fifth and reverse gears, while the second system takes care of the rest.

This way, the system can switch power without the power interruption necessary in manual transmission vehicles. The dual clutch decides the distribution of power with more speed and efficiency than the normal automatic standard.

The dual clutch is an amazing piece of technology that’s just making its mark in the global marketplace. To learn more about transmissions, or want to have a second-hand manual or automatic trans, give JTW Autoparts a call today. We know more about transmissions than anyone you know and are ready to answer questions anytime.

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