Volkswagens are Everywhere

09 February 2015

In an earlier blog post, we highlighted the history and similarities certain Volkswagen vehicles had with models from Porsche. This time we’ll explain how this kind of relationship isn’t a one-time occurrence when it comes to Volkswagen parts.

A Perfect Fit

Have you ever seen a part and thought, ‘that would be perfect for my Audi 8’ only to be crushed by the disappointment that it was made for a Volkswagen? Well, have no fear because that part will most likely work in your car anyway. This is because Volkswagen and Audi share so many of their systems, some models from each brand might as well be the same vehicle.

The similarities of the two brands are unique and almost unheard of anywhere else in the automotive industry. It’s an open secret that most of the technologies making all these vehicles run are essentially the same. But, manufacturers tweak the designs just enough to make them unique to their vehicles and avoid potential lawsuits.

This isn’t the case between Volkswagen and Audi, the two share such a close history with one another that having similar vehicle is almost becoming a tradition. Similar to its relationship with Porsche, Volkswagen have several vehicles whose differences with their Audi counterparts end at the sheet metal and badge.

The Passat and the 4000

The clearest example car enthusiasts point to is the case of the VW Passat, also known as Quantum, and the Audi 4000 sedan – whose international name is 80. The only differences the two vehicles have are that their Quattro versions are wagon-only for the Volkswagen and sedan-only for the Audi. But, why are so many brands sharing their stuff with VW? Are Germans that friendly?

Back to Base

We can’t speak for the friendliness of the Germans (though we’re sure they are), but we can use mechanics to explain why VW has so many similarities with different brands.A total of four European brands use the exact same base as the Volkswagen when building their vehicles. These brands are Porsche, Audi, Seat, and Skoda.

After each vehicle finishes their base, they add small design touches to make it their own; sometimes this is done with parts, at others, they incorporate a different technology. This is why many VW owners can drive up to a vehicle thinking it’s another Volkswagen, only to discover it’s something else completely.

Volkswagen has a rich history that’s intertwined with many of its rivals. Its legacy as an automotive leader is set in stone, and if you want to learn more about VW parts and how to take advantage of them, contact us today. Our teams are always waiting to answer questions regarding our products and services.

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