The Most Replaced Car Parts and the Reasons They Go

03 February 2016

Parts replacement is one of the most frequent and effective solutions to a damaged vehicle. When this happens, you have to know what part to replace and why it should come through. Here are five of the most replaced car parts and the reasons they should go.


Every time you change your gear aggressively, your clutch experiences a violent friction that causes it to break down. However, regular drivers only need to replace their clutch after powering 100,000 miles. Clutches need an immediate replacement because it can destroy brakes and damage car engines.


If you are having a hard time starting your car, then its battery must be broken. Batteries usually die because of a corroded terminal, a damaged alternator, overused lights and radio or old age. Vehicles that experience hot climates have shorter battery life spans, since its temperature shifts easily. Replace your battery as soon as possible, so that you can drive worry-free wherever you are.


Tyres that receive constant pressure wear out easily. If you always drive on bumpy roads, your tires will most likely last for less than two years. The life span of a high-quality tyre is after rotating 700,000 miles. When you think that they are around that limit, change your tires straightaway to avoid accidents on the road.

Shocks and Struts

When your vehicle is imbalanced, then you have to check on its shocks and struts. These car parts wear prematurely when travelled on poor and degraded road surfaces. To keep your ride consistently good, replace your shocks and struts after bringing it to a trusted car technician.

Brake Components

Poor brake fluid systems lead to internal corrosions over time. When one of your brake components like the calliper, wheel cylinder, or master cylinder is working badly, there is no other choice but to have it replaced. Brake components usually last over 100,000 miles. Anything beyond that can lead to road accidents and vehicle breakdown.

Broken car parts need immediate attention because it can cause further damage to your vehicle. Apart from this, parts that are not functioning perfectly can lead to road accidents and even car explosions. If you need high quality and reliable car parts, contact us today. We offer parts for Mazda, Toyota and other top vehicle brands.

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