Small Car Parts That Save Big

23 June 2015

Fuel economy is one of the biggest considerations people have when buying a new vehicle. In fact, it’s been the determining factor in both the success and failure of brands in the past decade. This is why powerful names such as Hummer and Jeep are getting pushed to the fringes of the auto market, while smaller hybrid designs are soaring to the top.

Finding the Spark

Fortunately, getting more performance out of a vehicle isn’t as hard as most people imagine it to be. Yes, it requires a delicately balanced system of parts acting in symphony to achieve, but improving the current structure can be as simple as switching out certain key parts. Each car will react differently when parts get replaced, so it pays to see if the replacements are compatible with the vehicle first.

The simplest part that drivers can replace on their vehicle to improve fuel economy is the spark plug. Spark plugs help run the engine by igniting the air fuel mixture in the piston combustion chamber; the spark plug does this thousands of times per minute and will wear down over time.

If a spark plug took a fraction of a second longer to ignite, the vehicle will end up using more fuel for the same forward momentum. New spark plugs will help a car run cleanly and with more efficiency, as every last drop of fuel will burn when it’s supposed to, and won’t leave much residue in the engine.

Breathing Deeply

The next simple part drivers can replace to get better fuel economy from their vehicles is the air filter. Engines need a strong intake of air to feed the air fuel mixture that the spark plugs will ignite. Obviously that air needs to be free of solid debris, if not it’ll mess the burn, or catch in the piston. A dirty air filter will mess up the system by choking the engine of the air it needs, forcing it to use more fuel than necessary for the ignition.

Fortunately, both these parts are common and easy to find. If you’re looking for a quick one-stop resource for automobile parts, contact us today. Browse the rest of our website as well to learn about the other products and services we offer.

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