Should You Choose Remanufactured or Used VW Parts?

08 September 2015

Volkswagen is one of the car brands whose integrity lies in the authenticity of its parts. The German auto company designs their very own car components specifically for their range of models.

Alternatives for VW Autoparts

VW owners know the upside as well as the turn-off in this kind of production and business scheme all too well. The exclusivity and strict adherence of each model for specific parts render most VW owners helpless when it comes to finding replacements. True, VW’s own “Genuine Parts” covers this need, but what will this cost the owners?

If you are among the many frugal and sophisticated VW owners, you want something that fits a conservative budget without resorting to buying fake parts. Replacements ought to be a fraction of the price, not the cost of the original component. Your best option is to choose between remanufactured and used VW parts.

Remanufactured Parts

Remanufactured parts are those restored through re-machining or by installing mechanical parts that carries its original abilities or tolerances. Some of these recycled items are at par with the original autoparts when it comes to function, but cost less than the genuine article.

Used Car Parts

Used car parts come straight from salvage yards. These are second hand options inexperienced buyers tell you stay away from because of the potential risk. We advise you to be cautious about buying from just any salvage yards. Choose car-wrecking shops that know how to take care of these salvaged parts. We are proud to say that our engine reconditioning system here at JTW Autoparts will address your needs for better VW components.

Remanufactured or used, we have a range of VW parts you can choose from. Get high quality body parts without spending a lot.

Whether you need a whole engine or a component for your VW, in bulk or per piece, you can send our specialists a request and we will scour our massive inventory for you. Feel free to contact us for more details about our selections of VW components.

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