Save Money on Car Repairs: When is the Right Time to Call an Expert?

13 January 2016

While you obviously need to prepare yourself — and your wallet — for the costs associated with maintenance and repair, you can actually save some money on car repairs. That is, if you know when exactly is the right time to call an expert.

Drive Belts and Leaks

Surprisingly, most of the supposedly major repairs that your car may ever need can actually be addressed with the right tools and a bit of elbow grease. A squealing or creaking drive belt is one of those common issues that you will encounter at least once or twice, and though the thought of replacing or reworking them is intimidating, you can actually repair it yourself.

Despite how important the drive belt is, addressing issues associated with it is as simple as replacing the belt itself with a new one. All you really need is a wrench, a screwdriver, as well as a racket and a few sockets.

You may, however, want to ask for assistance if your car is a bit older, as the drive belt system is composed of multiple belts instead of just one. In cases like this, it’s more economical to ask help from an expert as you may unknowingly replace the wrong belt.

Leaks are another common car issue that you can address by yourself. While the potential damage of a coolant leak can be worrying, all you really need to do is reinstall a new clamp to prevent it from leaking again. If, however, you cannot locate the leak by yourself, it’s better to bring it in so that you prevent any unnecessary damage.

When Is the Best Time to bring it in?

While the event where you must bring your car in to be seen by an expert seems situational at best, there are cases where you’ll want to entrust the safety of your car to an expert. Technically, you can replace your car’s brake pads by yourself once they start creaking, but if it’s the first time you’ll be doing such repair work, it is better that you have an expert look it over.

This is especially true if the repair involves not only the brake pad, but also the rotors and callipers. In cases like these, the repair work can get very complicated. Even if you’ve sourced parts that are directly from your car’s manufacturer, it’s best that you take your car to an expert so that you’ll have no worries that the part has been replaced properly.

At JTW Autoparts, we know that the goal of every car owner is to save money on maintenance and repair costs. While we understand that most repair work can actually be done on the spot, there are some cases where our experience in repairing and servicing cars is necessary.

Contact us today and let us find out how we can help you with your car’s repairs.

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