Replace These Parts for Better Petrol Mileage

13 April 2016

And if you’re looking to save as much as you can, good news, you do not need to drive across cities for cheaper fuel or talk to the service station into lowering its prices. You don’t need to scrap the car for a hybrid or a subcompact econo-box, either, because you can get the maximum savings by simply replacing some car parts.

Spark Plugs

The spark plugs are devices that fire the air and fuel in an internal combustion chamber. If you have 100,000-mile spark plugs that already have 80,000-miles on them, they are 80% worn. This means misfires and incomplete combustion may occur more frequently, which will cost you more in wasted fuel. Replace your spark plugs early; new ones result in the engine running cleaner and more efficiently.

Do not automatically assume you have 100,000-mile plugs, too, since many four-cylinder engines need replacements at around 30,000-mile intervals.

Air Filter

The engine draws in millions of litres of air through the air filter every year. On older car models, especially those made before the 2000s, dirty air filter makes the vehicle use 10% more fuel. Newer models, on the other hand, can detect lower airflow, and cuts back on fuel.

Check the filter when changing the oil. Make sure to replace it annually as well, but, do it more frequently if you drive in dusty conditions. Tires

If the tires are worn out, they can reduce fuel economy, so replace them every now and then. Tires that are out of alignment or underinflated reduce petrol mileage, too. Note that these naturally lose air, so check the pressure monthly to ensure handling and mileage.

If a new car isn’t in your immediate future or crossing cities for lower petrol prices is just impractical, don’t sweat. JTW Autoparts offers spark plugs, air filters, and more, which you can use to get some relief at the gas pump. Call us today.

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