Reconditioned Engines: Used Engines that Function like Brand New

02 September 2015

Replacing your car’s engine can be very expensive, and since not everybody has the ability to simply buy a new car, purchasing used engines as a replacement is often the only way to keep costs low. Many people don’t exactly trust used car parts since there’s always the possibility that they may cause more problems in the long run. If you’re looking for an inexpensive car engine, look at rebuilt and reconditioned engines instead.

Addressing Defects

The main difference between a ‘used’ car engine and one that has been rebuilt and reconditioned is that their various defects have already been addressed and corrected. The biggest concern for those who are looking to replace their engines is how much abuse the used engine has already undergone. Reconditioned engines, as their name suggests, undergoes reworking and repair to make them virtually new again.

Depending on the condition of the used engine, the reconditioning process may be simple or take a longer time to make sure they are virtually new again.

The reconditioning isn’t all cosmetic, though; it’s nearly impossible to tell how much mileage a used engine has unless you test it out for yourself, and that’s a risk that most people would rather not take. Since reconditioned engines are technically new, inside and out, the mileage is reset and offers the same kind of lifespan a brand new engine has, provided that you take care of it properly.

Breaking In

It’s important to take special care when breaking in reconditioned engines. The replacement parts need a bit more time to adjust and start functioning efficiently on the repaired engine, so you need to be a bit gentle when test driving the car on the road. In the same light, avoid pushing your car’s engine to the limit as it may reduce its overall lifespan; this is true for both reconditioned and brand new engines. Finally, make sure to take note of the breaking in period of the reconditioned engine. Once it’s over, only then can you start pushing your car to its maximum potential.

At JTW Autoparts, we provide a range of completely reconditioned and tested engines in Perth for any model or make of vehicle. Contact us today for more information about our used car parts and services.

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