Manual And Automatic Transmission Differences

22 October 2014

When buying a car, most people think that all there is to think about are the price, the make, and the model. There is so much more to a car than the external appearance and cost, though. The specs, especially the transmission, weigh more in value than the body parts and accessories.

The engine and battery give the vehicle power to run, but a transmission allows it to accelerate. Transmissions function by changing the gear in the engine and transfer the power to the wheels. There are basically two types: manual and automatic.

These two are vastly different; each system has a different set of characteristics in terms of performance, design, and accident ratio. Make sure the transmission system suits your preference before signing the papers with your dealer.

Driving Differences

With a manual transmission, drivers are engaged in shifting five gears, with the first as the slowest and fifth as the fastest. You also have to work it with a clutch when shifting. Automatic ones, on the other hand, only have two. Once you put it in first gear, the car automatically moves at a slow speed.

Automatic transmission presents lesser hassle and stress because you only need to focus on the gas pedal and steering wheel. If you want to avoid challenges, then do not choose manual transmission because it requires coordination of the clutch, throttle, and gears for smooth driving.

Driving Experience

Manual transmission gives you a better sense of control, while the automatic transmission is ideal for heavy traffic. Driving through heavy traffic every day can be stressful with a manual vehicle. It would be a challenge to drive through rough terrains with an automatic one, though.

The total expenses involved in buying, repairing, and maintaining a manual car is often much lower compared to an automatic counterpart. Plus, it is more efficient because manual transmission often gets better gas mileage. Avoiding accidents, though, is much easier if you are driving a car with automatic transmission.

Accident Ratio

Reports show that more road accidents involve cars with a manual transmission. Authorities point that some drivers fail to coordinate the clutch, throttle, and gears, which causes engine failure.

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