Keeping Things Simple with Your Mitsubishi

25 March 2015

A few years back, Mitsubishi released a campaign in many European and African countries about the fake parts for their cars. It wasn’t a surprise because the Japanese brand has always been the preferred car for many learned owners.

What Mitsubishi was saying back then was that the quality of these fake parts endangered the lives of the users. Imagine using a substandard material with just the forged logo of Mitsubishi. Check out the available authentic auto parts for Mitsubishi in our catalogue.

Another thing with safety, is you should always give your car a quick inspection before taking it on the road. Here’s what you should look for:

Check your brakes.

In whatever weather condition, it is important that your brakes are in good shape. Give it a quick look and test before you get on the road.

Check your lights.

Check the front and rears, and make sure you are complying with all the traffic requirements when it comes to the lights so your car’s visibility is never compromised.

Check your suspension.

Ensure that the shock absorbers do not have any signs of obvious damage, leaking, or corrosion.

Inspect your electrical.

Check the condition of the charging system and starter motor to ensure optimal starting anytime, anywhere.

Inspect your battery.

Make sure not to leave your garage without checking your battery’s condition and its charge capacity.

Check your exhaust.

Be sure to have a quick visual inspection of the exhaust and its mounting to check for physical damage, corrosion and leaking joints.

Inspect your auto body work.

Make a quick inspection around your car to check for damages and areas of corrosion.

Give your wiper blades a sweep.

Correctly working wiper blades are important to give you good visibility in all conditions.

Give your tyres a kick.

Check the tread depth, pressure and condition to ensure your road safety.

Ask our auto expert technicians here at JTW Autoparts what kind of part is best for your repair. Our years of experience, training and in-depth knowledge in the industry will help you make an informed decision in choosing the best auto part replacement.

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