Junk is Not Junk After All

07 March 2015

Scrap cars and trucks are an absolute treasure trove for recyclable and reusable goods. Trusted brands in the automotive industry known for quality components do not have to die in the junk. Parts can be pulled out and keep other cars running.

Japan is undoubtedly one of the global leaders in the automotive industry and their components and accessories are trusted and popular everywhere.

The Power of Japanese Vehicles

Japan is the third largest automotive producer in the world with an annual production that reached 9.9 million in 2012. Cars designed in Japan have won the International Car of the Year and World Car of the Year awards many times.

Honda, Mazda, Toyota and Mitsubishi are Japanese brands known for being flexible and efficient. Premium-quality parts are the primary reason behind their incomparable performance.


Recycled or reconditioned second hand parts are now what the automotive industry demands for, as brand new pieces and replacements can come with exorbitant prices. Doors, glass, front end parts, rear body parts and lights, engines and transmissions are among the most salvageable parts in old or heavily damaged vehicles.

Once pulled out from top performing brands like the Japanese makes, parts are reconditioned and kept in premium condition by our professional car wreckers. We take pride in our ability to identify, dismantle and salvage Japanese car components, giving you genuine parts for less. In turn, you can keep your car in good running condition without spending so much on maintenance and repairs.

You can search from our large inventory of items to give your vehicle a new life at a fraction of the costs of buying brand-new parts. Contact us today for premium-quality second hand auto parts and replacements. You may consult with our team anytime; we’ll be more than happy to help you find the right parts.

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