Is There Something Wrong with Your Cooling System?

31 July 2015

This is why a problem with your radiator or entire cooling system warrants your immediate attention. The following are some of the most common problems that your system will encounter.

1. Hose Leaks

Are you going through coolant quickly, but still overheating often? Small leaks around the coolant hoses may be the culprit; you need to replace hoses regularly, as their failure becomes more likely with age. Another common hose problem is the buildup of deposits inside them, which restricts the flow of coolant.

2. Thermostat Failure

Your thermostat is what allows the cooling system to maintain a steady, optimum temperature while driving. If it breaks, the coolant flow will effectively be unregulated, which leads to rapid overheating.

3. Air Bubbles

This usually happens after replacing a water pump, head gasket, coolant hose, or other part. Some air has become trapped within your cooling system, preventing the efficient and steady flow of coolant. A common symptom is erratic overheating, where the cooling system malfunctions then suddenly goes back to normal, as the air pocket moves around the system.

4. Rusting Radiator

If rust settles on the inside of your radiator, it will require more than just a quick fix. The rust will slowly destroy it, and greatly affect its efficiency. It is often not worth trying to salvage the radiator, and you should just get a new one.

5. Broken Water Pump

The water pump is what moves the coolant throughout the engine and radiator. As you might expect, any pump malfunction means that coolant can no longer circulate properly, and it leads to frequent overheating.

Cooling system malfunction quite often, and repairs can be costly – especially if you have to replace the radiator or other major part. We can make things easier for you; our stock of affordable used car parts includes items for Mitsubishi, Nissan, and most other auto brands. Browse our inventory today, and see if we have what you need.

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