Is It Possible to Make Your Car Last for 150,000 Miles or More?

09 February 2016

A variety of factors such as maintenance, part damage, and the way you drive affect the life of your vehicle. The average car owner trades in their vehicle after about six years and around 75,000 or so miles on its meter. But, savvy drivers find ways to extend the useful life of their automobile and extend its mileage to more than 150,000 miles.

Pay Attention to the Fluids

The coolants and the oils you use have an effect on your car’s longevity, too. Ideally, replace coolants once you reach 50,000 miles and the brake fluid just before reaching the 100,000 mile mark. If you surpass the 100,000 mile mark, the brake fluid loses its protection, which may result in rusty brakes and damaged parts.

Leaks, no matter how minor, may cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars, if you leave them alone. Get them fixed immediately; failing to do so may lead to engine problems.

Part Replacement, Maintenance or Replacement

It is inevitable that some parts will begin to wear out once you reach 100,000 miles or more. Regular maintenance, repair and parts replacement are the best solutions to extend the life of your vehicle.

Driver Habits

Most drivers “baby” their cars. This happens when they only use their vehicle when going to nearby locations. In such cases, the engine does not heat up and gunk build up increases. To improve performance and lengthen useful life, drive at highway speeds frequently.

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