How to Prevent a Bad Deal When Hunting Car Parts

22 April 2015

Hunting for auto parts will surely take up a lot of your time and effort, but doing so without prior preparation will make your search more troublesome. Save yourself from the difficulties by doing the following things when buying auto parts:

Take note of your car’s specifications

Some cars have different structures than others so you can’t just buy anything. Take note of details, such as the model, engine code, registration and production date of your car to narrow down your search. Take pictures of your car parts so you’ll know what to look for. This will make your search faster and prevent regrets that come from buying the wrong car parts.


Find replacement parts compatible with your vehicle based on the specifications. Look for used parts that are similar with yours, especially if your car is out-of -date. Chances are, new auto parts won’t work on your old car. If you don’t find anything, search or talk to technicians about alternative, compatible auto parts that you can use.

Ask the dealer

Consult the dealer regarding the mileage and car service records. More mileage and maintenance records may mean that the car has issues or it was maintained by the previous owner properly. Find out the specifics, frequency of repairs and additional parts and power needed to use those engines, as well.

Check & test them

The interview does not guarantee that you’re getting good car parts using your own tools. Check the parts to make sure. Scratches, dents and leaks may mean that car parts are poorly-maintained. Test the car part to make sure that it works properly, as well. Car parts may look functional but it may not perform well.

Get a warranty

You don’t know if your replacement parts will work for a long time. Get a warranty so you can repair or replace without extra costs in case of breakage.

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