How to Keep Your Car Running Forever (Or Live Past 200,000 Miles)

24 November 2014

While we all want to take care of our vehicles and make it live past six figures (say, 200,000 miles), not everyone has the persistence of Irv Gordon, the man who holds the record for having driven a car for nearly three million miles. That is almost impossible. You can, however, extend the life of your car and keep it well into six-figure territory:

Do Your Regular Maintenance

Skipping the regular maintenance schedule is one of the surest and quickest ways to put your car to an early grave. Regular oil and filter changes will make sure that your car will run without problems. The clean air, clean fuel, and fresh oil will prevent wear and tear.

If you are wondering when to do these things, there is a certain book that will tell you when—it’s called the owner’s manual. You will likely find it wrapped in plastic in the glove box because if you are like most people, you have probably never looked at it.

Fix or Replace Everything as Soon as It Breaks

Apart from doing regular maintenance checks, you also need to fix and replace everything that breaks as soon as possible—that is, if you want to keep your car running as long as possible. Do not ignore the broken trim, electrical glitches, and the torn upholstery. They may seem unimportant, but those little annoyances will add up and will begin to destroy your love affair with your old, beloved car.

Use Quality Replacement Parts

To use or not to use genuine manufacturer parts is open to debate, but do not just go for the cheapest parts you can find. Discuss your options with us. If a non-wearing part is broken, buy a quality used replacement part from us—you will get manufacturer quality at a more affordable price.

We can provide you high-quality recycled car parts. We have an extensive inventory of car components that will surely make your car last longer than you imagine. Contact us today, right now, for enquiries.

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