How Auto Mechanics Can Benefit From Car Wreckers

30 September 2016

At JTW Autoparts, we are professional and experienced car wreckers who’ve established an excellent reputation for sourcing car parts for all models of vehicle since 1990. In addition, the quality of our auto parts is guaranteed through comprehensive warranties.

Don’t Compromise on Quality

There are often cases when a customer may feel their best option is to buy brand new parts as that gives them confidence they will stand the test of time. However, branded parts made specifically for a certain type of vehicle can often be very expensive, and that leads many customers to choose imitation parts in order to save cash.

In many cases, imitation parts are not the best option because they’re not built specifically for the customer’s vehicle, and they may not be as high quality as parts made by the vehicle’s manufacturer. Of course, sometimes imitation parts will work just fine, but they’ll likely better off purchasing brand-specific second-hand parts.

If you buy components from us, whether it’s reconditioned engines or Mazda parts, you can assure your customers they’re making a smart purchase. Our team of auto wreckers knows exactly how to salvage components and restore them to the former quality.

Choose a Dependable Wreckers

Of course, you might be a mechanic who feels choosing an auto wreckers isn’t a secure option. You need to assure your customers that you can get their parts quickly if you’re going to provide good customer service, and that might lead you to believe that sourcing from manufacturers is your safest bet.

However, the success of our business depends on us having parts for almost any type of vehicle at all times. If we don’t have the car parts you’re looking for, we’ll find them for you in no time because we have a fantastic network of partners to ensure we can deliver every time.

We’re also not limited to any one particular brand; we’re well known to be Nissan wreckers, Mitsubishi wreckers, BMW wreckers, Honda wreckers and much more. We’re also highly-skilled 4x4 wreckers to serve all of your off-roading mechanical needs.

The Quality of our Products is Guaranteed

At JTW Autoparts, we take our job very seriously, and we wouldn’t have got to where we are today if we’d failed to deliver fully-functioning and high-quality parts. That’s why we offer warranties on all of our products, the standard warranty offer being one year. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you want to give your business a boost.

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