Get to Know the ZF 8 Speed Automatic Transmission

09 October 2014

The ZF 8 Speed Automatic Transmission has been in the world for five years now. Apart from increasing driving comfort and providing dynamic performance, the system has a lot of potential in terms of fuel efficiency and carbon emission reduction.

Add all of this to the fact that it’s an 8-speed transmission; more speeds mean more fun. But, even with all the cool advantages the ZF 8 speed automatic transmission can offer, all of it is enhanced and put in greater prominence with its second generation: the 8HP ZF 8 speed AT.

Not only does the 8HP have all the powers of its predecessor, it has additional abilities such as lower drag torques and a higher spread through. The latter allows the transmission to improve torsional vibration absorption. The best part of the 8HP is how it combines multiple different technologies to comply with the demand for their engines and transmissions. Gone are the days when pure power was the currency of the land. Today, designers need to think about environmental impact, and fuel economy, all without sacrificing the all-important torque and performance.

The 8HP manages to accomplish both objectives by using two important trends: downsizing, and down speeding. That sounds a lot like the system is taking a step back. Have no fear, as it is a step towards efficiency. By incorporating these two methods, the ZF designers manage to reduce internal transmission losses, as well as minimise creeping torques.

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