Enhance Toyota Performance with Top-Grade Used Parts

30 March 2016

Is your Toyota giving you trouble on the road? If it’s time to replace some parts, it pays a great deal to get premium-quality spares and replacements, whether it’s your transmission, alternators, or steering pump.

Brand New or Used Parts?

Toyota cars require genuine spare parts to deliver optimal performance and long-term usability. It’s perfectly reasonable to go for brand new parts, but with limited budget and/or an outdated model, settle for the next best thing – second-hand parts.

This is where car wreckers come in. At a discounted price, you get high-quality used parts for your car. Contrary to common belief, you don’t have to compromise affordability for performance. Most parts are reconditioned and can work as well as brand-new parts. The best thing about that is you will spend a fraction of the cost of brand-new components.

Why You Need a Reputable Car Wrecker

Toyota, among many other Japanese makes, is undeniably one of the global leaders in the automotive industry, known for its fuel efficiency, reliability and low cost. Japanese cars in general are recognised for having top-grade parts, manufactured through cutting-edge engineering and designed to the highest industry standards.

When buying second-hand parts for spares and replacements, minimise risk and ensure quality by choosing trusted dismantlers and wreckers. JTW Autoparts was established for this mission: provide high-grade second-hand components to maintain or revive optimal performance and give customers more for less.

We’re experienced in dismantling Toyota cars and reconditioning salvageable components, giving even outdated cars a second chance at efficient usability and performance. We also employ highly trained and skilled car wreckers who are passionate about keeping Toyota components in top condition.

If you need second-hand Toyota parts for spares or replacements, browse through our large inventory of items. We also stock used parts for Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Nissan, Subaru and Suzuki for our Japanese range.

Speak with one of our experts today to discuss your needs.

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