Engine Replacement: What Are Your Options

18 June 2015

Is your engine making a strange sound every time you start the car? This may be a red flag that indicates a change might be necessary. Disregarding these signs may lead to engine failure that leaves you stranded in the middle of nowhere.

How do you know it is time to replace your engine?

Certain car models have warning lights that turn on, when the engine is not functioning properly. The moment you start your car, these lights go off like fireworks and will not shut off until a repair.

Cars that jerk, surge, or stall are signs that it is in trouble. Damaged spark plugs or fuel filter or line clogging might be causing your vehicle to jerk.Disregarding these sudden movements give you problems once you hit the highway, change lanes, or make turns. Losing control of your car is a high possibility when engine failure occurs while driving.

Strange noises and exhaust smoke coming out of the engine are sure signs of trouble. The parts may have come loose, creating a loud noise. Worn piston rings caused by wear will no longer seal properly, preventing oil from going out through them.

What are your options?

Once you identify the signs, there are options to consider. Replacing your old engine with a used car part is a money saving choice. Second-hand parts are safe and reusable as they deliver the same performance level as buying a newer counterpart.

Buying a new or a second-hand car is an option, if you believe that your old vehicle is no longer salvageable. Newer cars are more expensive because of the loan, interest rates, monthly payments, insurance, and other fees you have to pay after the down payment.

JTW Autoparts makes sure that you get the best value engine replacement. Our second-hand engines are reliable and cost a fraction of a new one. A used engine may cost less than having your old one repaired. You also have to consider the maintenance fees after a repair, because once it breaks down, it will occur again.

Our engines are complete and ready to install to minimise labour expenses. We also provide you with gold, silver, and standard warranties.

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