Choosing Replacement Parts: Used Doesn't Mean Low Quality

06 July 2015

Did your car break down in the middle of nowhere, on your way to work or during a vacation? If this happened to you, you must have delayed repairing or replacing some broken parts.

Auto Wrecking Quality

Choosing second-hand car parts are an environment-friendly and affordable option, if you want to replace some parts of your vehicle.

Used car parts provide you with the same performance as their newer counterparts at less cost. The extra savings you get allows you to spend more on maintenance, keeping your car in top condition for a longer time.

Recycling parts do not only benefit you, it has advantages for the environment as well. It reduces the amount of rubbish thrown in landfills. It also limits the amount of toxic chemicals emitted into the ecosystem.

There are plenty of used auto parts shops that promise to provide you with environment-friendly and affordable parts, but do they offer quality as well?

Car wreckers dismantle salvaged car parts and run tests to determine if they are reusable or not. They check car parts for faulty functions before installation or reselling.

We utilise top-rate auto wrecking services that make sure the used parts you get are of great quality. Our auto wreckers clean out the cars and parts delivered to us. We test each item before we sell them to our customers. We only offer quality and good condition second-hand parts for you.

What can we do for you?

JTW Autoparts has been providing customers like you with quality second-hand parts since 1990. We source and recondition car components to meet the needs of our customers. We have a comprehensive list of car parts from different 4x4 makes and models. Our wreckers have the training and experience to clean out and test the salvaged parts properly so that they perform well once you install them.

Contact or see us today to find the parts you need.

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