Car Parts That are Better Bought Used Than New

16 May 2016

In fact, there are even instances where a vehicle benefits more from a used car part than a new one:

Body Panels and Bumpers

When you experience a car accident, the cost to restore your vehicle to its original condition with brand new parts can be extremely high. By replacing dented or broken body panels with used ones, you can save a huge amount on the overall cost of the auto body repair — and still enjoy the as-if-brand-new feel. And as long as you know the right place to buy a used part, and as long as you know how to install it properly, you can enjoy a well-attached panel that flows evenly with the existing panels.

Engine Components

It’s also a great idea to purchase engine components used. If your vehicle is experiencing significant engine troubles, simply buy a used fuel injection unit or a used engine mount. Oil pumps and master cylinders are perfect for a second use.

Switches and Sensors

When it comes to car parts that usually malfunction or cause maintenance issues, switches and sensors are up there on the list. There’s no need to worry, though — buying used ones are a better decision. A used ABS sensor, for instance, can ensure that the brakes are working and that the dashboard lights are not needlessly illuminated.

So before you shell out the dough for a brand new engine component or switch, consider what used car parts can really do for you. In fact, many car parts even provide the same performance at a fraction of the price.

At JTW Autoparts, you get even more bang for your buck because we clean and test the used car parts to the highest standard. Contact us today for enquiries.

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