Breaking Down the V Type and Diesel Engine

04 January 2016

The V Type

This engine type has two rows of cylinders configured in a 90 degree angle relative to each other. The advantages of this are its short length, heavy crankshaft and stylish low profile. This engine is an excellent choice for drivers looking for optimum vehicle performance.

When looking to satisfy your need for speed, an engine that is as close to the floor as possible has improved handling capabilities because of the lower centre of gravity. A powerful engine that has built-in rigidity means the difference when you go on endurance races. The features of the V Type make it an ideal option for car owners who want to race.

The Diesel Engine

The diesel engine is similar to the petrol internal combustion engine. The former, however, uses compression to ignite fuel, to air mixture before it injects into the combustion chamber, without using spark plugs. This type of engine has advantages over its petrol counterpart, including:

  • Converting fuel into energy at 45% efficiency
  • Longer engine life compared to its petrol counterpart
  • Immunity to vapour lock
  • Production of less heat in the exhaust and cooling
  • Accepts supercharging/turbo without any detonation risk.

Depending on your needs or wants, knowing which type is ideal for your vehicle will help you find the perfect engine replacement.

JTW Autoparts Engines

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