Brand New OEM Auto Parts Will Remain Too Expensive for Consumers

06 April 2016

Being an auto wrecker, we are more in line to talk about the auto industry. Let’s say that your car needs a replacement part. You bring it to a service centre and let them handle the process. They must play by the rules to stay on the good side of OEM manufacturers, and they do that by buying OEM parts. In most cases, there is nothing wrong with that. But, a truly greedy program of patenting replacement parts puts OEM manufacturers to charge a high premium for their products.

It is appalling and creates a hidden monopoly. So, if ever you are on the lookout for original replacement parts, you can count on JTW Auto Parts for your needs.

Part, Not the Price

In our lot, we dismantle European, American and Japanese cars. We even dismantle Holden cars when get a hold of one. JTW Auto Parts also provides a warranty for every product, and you get to choose among Standard, Silver and Gold warranties. We have an extensive inventory. Whatever you are looking for, it is probably in our stocks. If not, we have the resources to look for it. Our vast network of suppliers will work hard so you get what you need.

We have engines, transmissions, body parts and mechanical parts in our lot. We even have a few accessories if that is what you are looking for. Our mechanics are at hand to help you install the parts.

It is rare to encounter a service with value in the auto industry. JTW Auto Parts hopes that you can see that passion for service and satisfaction with us.

Contact our office today for more details.

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