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31 May 2017

All Makes & Models

If you have been in the car breaker business as long as we have, you would already have an extensive catalogue of all makes and models, and at JTW Autoparts, we have been providing recycled car parts to the Australian motorist for over 25 years, and if we don’t currently stock what you are looking for, we certainly can source it for you.

Reconditioned Engines

Sometimes an engine can be repaired, but with the current mileage, there are likely to be other issues, and the best solution might be to replace the entire engine. Even if you could source someone who happened to have an old engine of the required specification, it is unwise to purchase it, as it could be in a worse state than the one you wish to replace. If you deal with an established car breaker, they would have put the engine through its paces, which is why they are prepared to offer a decent warranty. Once you have a reconditioned power plant, you can fit the auxiliary items and after carefully checking that all the connections are good, you have an almost new power plant to drive your vehicle.

Body Parts

These can be very expensive when you order from a dealer, but with many vehicles that are written off for one reason or another, many perfectly good body panels can be removed and recycled, giving the motorist a much cheaper alternative to buying new. Most modern vehicles use the bolt on principle, which makes replacement a simple task, and if you can find the right colour, the new panels should blend perfectly and require no painting.


Fenders and tail light covers can easily be damaged and the cost of replacing can be a shock to the system, yet with recycled parts, you can replace the broken unit at a fraction of the cost. There are many small parts that are removed from scrapped vehicles and are on sale, and with an easy to navigate website, you can quickly discover if we have the required component.

At JWT Autoparts, we have a wide range of car components for sale, and with a solid warranty, you can be sure to get value for money, so next time you need a part, contact us anytime and we will do our best to help.

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