A Look at the High Safety Standards of Japanese Cars

27 July 2015

Fuel-efficient, comfortable ride, smooth performance, reliable engine and safe to use.

No wonder Japan remains a global car industry leader, attracting praise all over the world. Despite the compliments received, the country’s automakers continue to make notable improvements in the field of vehicle safety.

over the past few years, the top Japanese car manufacturers have been developing technologies that will set safety standards even higher. They have focused on changing the hardware and the software to control the systems.

Avoiding Collisions

Collision avoidance brakes were designed to avoid car crashes. This technology uses cameras and radar to automatically control the speed, detect an imminent crash and monitor conditions in front of the vehicle and behind it. The collision avoidance system warns the drivers if there is a risk of a collision, and then it automatically applies braking force. In addition, detection devices can determine the speed of the car ahead to keep a safe distance.

Reducing the Severity of an Accident

Another remarkable safety feature developed is the rear pre-crash safety system. It can reduce the injuries to drivers and pedestrians if a crash occurs. The hood and front bumper absorb the shock of a collision. The technology can also identify a potential accident from behind. The rear pre-crash safety system will then issue a warning to other motorists by activating the backlights.

Ensuring Precision on the Road

Other safety systems are designed to support and maintain safe driving. The adaptive front-lighting system (AFS), for instance, warns the car owner of an unintentional lane change. The warning system will support steering operations.

Making Parking Easy

The Around View Monitor system is a support technology that helps drivers park their car more easily. It has four cameras to provide a virtual 360-degree scene of the vehicle in bird’s eye view.

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