A Cost Effective Way to Maintain your Car

31 March 2017

Major Savings

Just doing the work yourself will save you hundreds of dollars, with most mechanics charging just to assess the car, but if you also buy reconditioned parts, you will save even more. Every day there are hundreds of cars that are taken off the road as they are not worth repairing, and these vehicles end up at a car breaker facility. It is here that they are dismantled by experts, and anything that is reusable would be carefully inspected, then cleaned and catalogued, ready to use.

Why Pay New Prices?

Let’s imagine you need a new alternator, and if you manage to find one, it will not be cheap. Genuine new parts can be every costly, but if you were to buy a used component that has a full warranty, you will get many years of service, at a fraction of the price. JTW Auto Parts is a market leader in automotive recycling, and with a modern inventory system and a large facility, we are able to store an impressive range of body panels and parts, which include full engine and gearbox reconditioned units.

Attractive Bodywork Accessories

Many of the vehicles that pass through the recycling process have high quality accessories, and if you are looking to give your car a special look, we probably have the ideal items. We also carry a large stock of used body panels that are in perfect condition, so if you have a bump and it can’t be knocked out, contact us, and we more than likely have it in stock.

Easy to Use Online Database

Our site is designed to make it easy for customers to source parts, and within minutes, you will have a price and expected delivery date, as we do ship all across Australia. Spending days trawling around breakers yards looking for that vital part are no longer the only way to find what you need, and you can actually order without leaving the comfort of your armchair. All our components are classified into sections for easy searching, and if we don’t have what you need, it won’t take us long to source it for you.

Major Engine Repairs

All internal combustion engines will eventually require major work, with worn crankshafts, cylinders that need re-boring, and many other major components that need to be replaced, and perhaps the most cost effective solution is to simply buy a reconditioned engine. The cost of a major strip down and rebuild is considerable, but by purchasing a reconditioned engine that is warranty protected, you get the same thing for a lot less.

Used car parts enable many motorists to maintain their vehicles at affordable prices, and we like to think we are the premier auto recycling company in Australia.

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