5 Signs Your Engine Needs a Rebuild

29 September 2014

Ignoring car problems – particularly engine-related ones – can cost you hundreds of dollars in one repair. This is why it’s important to inspect your car from time to time to know if something’s wrong with it.

One of the main problems you have to be prepared for is an engine rebuild. Fortunately, you can predict when this procedure becomes necessary through these signs:

Knocking sounds

It’s hard not to notice when your engine starts to produce knocking sounds. In most cases, this comes from the bottom part of your engine. It commonly signifies that a bearing has failed somewhere in the crankshaft or the connecting rods near the pistons. Once this happens, it’s best to stop using your car and have it serviced right away.

Gas overconsumption

Engines that aren’t working properly tend to consume more petrol. As a result, you spend more filling up to get fewer kilometres per litre from it. Normally, you can notice the loss in the car’s speed and power before you see how fast your car consumes fuel.


When your car starts misfiring, it’s a sign that there is some compression loss in the engine. This is an issue only a rebuild can solve. Not only does this condition impede your car’s speed, it also ruins your engine’s durability and poses risks.

Too much smoke

Yes, cars produce smoke, but that doesn’t mean the tailpipe should blow out fumes excessively. Smoke from your engine may come in different colours. When it’s white, it pertains to a damaged cylinder head or a head gasket due to extremely hot temperatures. Black smoke means there is something wrong with the fuel-air mixture in your engine. Blue smoke is an also indicator of problems with the engine oil.

Oil issues

Speaking of engine oil, there are a couple of things that can go wrong. For one, your car may burn it too quickly, which tells you that an engine rebuild is in order. Another issue with oil is when it starts forming sludge on the oil pin. Consider the sludge as a warning from your engine that it can no longer run well.

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